About California Surf Co.

About Us

Imagine driving down the Pacific Coast Highway. You're blasting the tunes, breeze in your hair, not a care in the world. That is what California Surf Co. is about. It's about surfing, community, friends, and just living a carefree lifestyle. I started this company because I was over the 9-to-5 grind and was committed to finding a way to get out of the office mindset and to be able to surf everyday. I think the problem with a lot of larger surf companies is that they got too much pressure to meet sales quotas and forgot what it's really all about...SURFING!

The Founder's Promise

Now that I'm embarking on this new adventure, I'd like to make a vow to all of you. I promise to never sell my business to any corporation. I will keep it owner-operated and do my best to make the most ethical decisions possible without jeopardizing quality.

I vow to you to do everything in my power to use less non-renewable resources and to be as eco-conscious as possible in manufacturing my products. I can't say I'll completely eliminate plastic usage, but I'll do my best to minimize it. I will make sure labor standards exceed every legal and moral regulation possible in any facility where my goods may be manufactured. I promise to pay every vendor, wholesaler, distributor, and laborer fairly and in a timely manner.

I will give back to the surf community in every way possible, thanking it for everything its given me throughout my life. If there are any damages, I will replace any sub-standard product in a timely manner. I will keep costs and overhead low so I can stay at a fair price for my customers because I truly believe that great quality in this industry does not have to mean high markups. And most importantly, I will care. I will care about my products, my customers, my community, and everyone else directly or indirectly involved in this great adventure. I'm making this promise because it's the right thing to do and because it's what I believe in. 

I started this company as an homage to a culture I grew up idolizing and now is my opportunity to make my mark (no pun intended). Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy California Surf Co. almost as much as I enjoyed starting it! -Mark

Mark Stansbury, Founder & CEO

Mark Stansbury, Founder & CEO