Episode 1: Topanga Days

Episode 1: Topanga Days

Making Waves Blog: Ep 1. Topanga Days

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I know a couple of good guys who have been getting into vlogging lately. It's a really fun concept, for me it really just entails filming something I'd be doing anyway, like surfing. The Gods have graced us this week. Pretty much all week there has been rideable surf, I like to think that the surf gods are giving the guys down at the U.S. Open a little something to work with.

But anyway, these vlogs are meant to peek inside what I'm doing with the company as well as just little shred days. My apologies as I haven't mastered camera angles while riding just yet. But it's on my to-do list.  So yeah, hope you enjoy the first post of the Making Waves blog! Yewwww


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